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HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2015 NATIONAL SALES MEETING - The Aztec sales team met for our annual sales meeting during the second week of October.  In addition to revisiting the events of the past year, we also planned and brainstormed for greatness in 2016, shot a few product videos and of course continued the tradition of the Thursday night beach party.  Good times.
HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2015 MATRA SHOW - The team at Aztec is fresh from their return to Dover Downs Hotel and Casino for the 2015 Matra Show. See highlights from this year’s show.
SPOTLIGHT ON PRODUCT TRAINING - Each year Aztec's RAMs (Regional Account Managers) collectively spend hundreds of hours promoting and teaching best practices of the Commercial Tenting Industry. The trainings cover a wide range of current industry topics. The topics include: new product installation, vinyl care, emergency evacuations, safety, and site surveys, just to name a few.
These services are offered free of charge for all Aztec clients. Please contact your RAM for more information.

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